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*Attention: There is a typographical error about the high output setting and the corresponding runtimes in the user manual. The correct data for high mode is 550~300~55 lumens, and its corresponding runtime is 3+30+130 minutes

● Two Patterns: Anti-slip double helix knurling and stylish pebble etching, both of which are exquisite and provide a comfortable grip.

● Three Color Temperatures: The flashlight comes in three LED color temperatures (cool/neutral/warm white) to provide you with the right choice for every daily situation.

● Powerful for Its Size: Only 89g/3.14oz in weight, it delivers a max output of 550 lumens and an up to 87 meters throw.

● Extended Runtime: Powered by two widely available AA batteries, it runs up to 54 hours at 15 lumens.

● Smooth Operation:The anti-slip tail switch allows quickly turning the light on/off or shifting modes (15/550 lumens).

Product Details

The i5T Plus is a tail switch EDC flashlight with multiple options. Two patterns, three LED color temperatures, and four body colors are available to customize the EDC light in your own style. The double helix knurling and pebble etching are exquisite and provide a solid grip. Flashlight models with three color temperatures support you at different tasks: cool white, neutral white and warm white. Meanwhile, you can choose from black, blue, orange, and OD green for the body according to your preference. 


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